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Welcome to Skatescape Inline Skating Club (SISC)

Your premier destination for inline skating classes. Whether you're a beginner or an elite skater, we have the perfect program for you.


About Us

At SISC, we are passionate about teaching the art of inline skating. Our certified instructors provide top-notch training for skaters of all levels.


Our Classes

Beginner Classes

  • Level 1: Introduction to Inline Skating
  • Level 2: Building Basic Skills
  • Level 3: Preparing for Advanced Techniques

Elite Classes For skaters looking to compete and excel. Join us to train at the highest level and participate in competitions.

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Ready to join? Get in touch to enroll in our classes or to learn more about what we offer.



Beginner Inline Skating Classes

Our beginner classes are designed to help you build a strong foundation in inline skating. Each level focuses on specific skills to ensure you progress confidently and safely.

Level 1: Introduction to Inline Skating Perfect for absolute beginners. Learn basic balance, posture, and simple movements.

Level 2: Building Basic Skills Develop your skills further with turning, stopping, and simple tricks.

Level 3: Preparing for Advanced Techniques Get ready for more advanced moves and prepare to join our elite classes.


Elite Inline Skating Classes

Our elite classes are for advanced skaters who want to compete and excel in inline skating. We provide rigorous training and competition preparation to help you achieve your goals.

Training Focus

  • Advanced techniques and tricks
  • Speed and agility training
  • Competition strategy and preparation

Join the Elite

If you're ready to take your skating to the next level and compete, contact us to enroll in our elite classes.


Extra Benefits of Joining the club

  • Discounts on Equipment: Enjoy exclusive discounts on skating equipment for all students.
  • Employment Opportunities: Train with us and become eligible for coaching positions within our club.

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