Inline Skating Class

Welcome to SKATESCAPE, where we provide Malaysia’s best skating instruction and classes. Our inline skating class is designed to create a pleasant and safe learning environment for children and adults to develop their skating skills. Our highly trained and licensed instructors will lead you through each lesson, ensuring you have the skills and techniques to skate confidently. In addition, our inline skating class is geared to your needs, whether you are just starting or are an intermediate skater. Skating is an excellent way to remain in shape, improve balance and coordination, and, most importantly, have fun!

Why Choose Us


We provide high-quality roller skates for people of all skill levels, making it a fun and challenging way to stay active while improving balance and coordination when skating.

Wide Selection

Skatescape has everything you need to skate in style and comfort, with many trendy and comfortable skate spare parts and accessories that are produced with high-quality.

Excellent Customer Service

Skatescape's educated and friendly staff is always available to offer expert advice and guidance, ensuring customers locate the best goods to meet their needs and tastes.

Learn to skate now

Our inline skating lessons are appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels, and we guarantee that you will feel more confident and accomplished after each class. Our inline skating lessons are designed to cover all aspects of skating, from basic techniques like forward and backward skating, stopping, and turning to advanced techniques like jumps, spins, and tricks. In addition to our classes, we rent skates to those who do not possess their own. Our rental skates are of high quality and are serviced regularly to assure your safety and comfort. SKATESCAPE takes pleasure in offering the best skating experience for our kids. Our cheerful and welcoming ambiance and cutting-edge facilities make us the most suitable choice in Malaysia for skating sessions. So join us today to experience the thrills of skating!

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